Monday 24 July 2023



spot the inconsistency!

in me!!!!

Bilbo the hedge

and me.

Living off Tom-Paul Katrina's

stolen London loot

once more 

Sad for me

But long the fact

Fix their rotting wood

was not an act

gateposts lovingly restored

days toiling in the sun

high up in the hills last year

even if that sick lady landowner

never any fun

( she may be, not so 'ill' if did her own hard labour, of course, nope performative moaning par for the course...all day)

meaning. . fun=  good rural chat

nope, tv blaring

and moaning

expensive boots she wearing

all day even on the hottest

Real reason to write properly


Its so hurtful to the soul

20 years off and on

even rural places 

300km from their London

nust to make an honest days livin

straighten their wonky fences

rehang their rotting gates

ones fate became more i

or less

hanging on their city money

that only of, distress

and hypercapitalism


of course K.... nowadays sells PR 

to Saudi and co


there... despite there her lasses we would....

speak of being the new generation only equality 

they will know

.... i need to move to Mongolia maybe


ohhh no i forget... your overwashed  light clothes plastix 


all over Antarctica


water laced with all of it

even there

where is the line? certainly off the London cash asap

...unless  it caused sone greater good?

1 + 1 who are authentuc and write the truths

( this generation so lucky, 5 years ago no real ones... dirty truths.... allowed, rock on Greta! even if wrong strategy. .piety and earnest never work, to reach...the 'great unwashed' .  .... the audience, the masses she needs to... )


definition of narcissistic elitism...only preaching to those one knows may 'get' it.  as all greens do   ...have done for 15 years... as soon as Fakebook rolled out ..asitaps   

i dont know the answer

even if i did 20 ago and wrote it in my pad, then    " how to 'sex up' environmentalism?" most horrid phrase of all sex up...  

but i know it was probably the right thing

to write,


but they cannot listen....not one

or even debate   

nope... Lord of The Flies.. already won.