Saturday 15 July 2023

Authenticity, define

 Though far better examples.

Sat an hour surrounded by almost the only, "skinny" = bearable English women left in the land....who aren't on drugs or whatever.... many dozen... fit stretchy lithe things some well into their desitable age - i.e. over 50.. as no woman under 50 can ever ever Be 'herself' - poor things so lost being a lifestyle magazine, or a Glastonbury pinnup even if too poor now they are solo parents to ever make it back...

I have not even once looked up - i can hear them, so busily discussing the latest app... or lycra...or exercise routine all around me.... But it has not even crossed my mind to go and see their main gathering place and take a photo entitled "why the rivers are fucked as they spend sop much energy performing 'fitness' ...some mini marathon thing or whatever so so so much a performance to each other...

The only half decent (physique-wise) in fact likely quite desirable load of physiques...lovely and sweaty (the made up one will have runs ) ... smelling of actual woman when their silly potions have dribbled off (in the rain)...superb stuff. A real woman aficionado's sexual fantasy ...

But i have not once even peeked...

because i know EXACTLY who i am...and only someone who will tell truths... will do. 

No matter what.

I have not looked up (America making that film does mean there is some hope except woke politics in UK i do think have gotten even worse be cont)

Authenticity id nmope, stop, only keep to plan A... as you know for sure.

That one line, though of course it cannot be ever repeated as it has business PR negative implications...( "you hear what the mad foreign bitch said..??!!" - OF COURSE!!!)

But not even a witer intelectual not from these lands can learn what i have had to bore myself to death teaching myself (deployed yesterday to the truly superb 27 year old young woman and her man....

 " do you suffer from 'you can't say that' syndrome? if you do i cannot help"

" i used to but i am realising now it is terrible and am retraining myself"

"wow !!! you are superb...let me help with ultra shortcut language... all you need to know... 'THEIR ..'woke'...goddess .. once collared by the Gestapo, once interned for being something the Frogs didnt like... perfect credentials... then writes beautifully on the NAzis at Neurenburg... ultra perfect humanist tracts... genius...we dont mention (as scholar on Start the weeks referred to Feb or mar this year) she was an antiemetic bitch as her branch of Jewry wanted other branches they didnt like,  to not have a good life... that complicates things for the dumbed down British especially - life is COMPLEX...nope they cannot know what true cant and vanity means - they will suffer bitch is a rude word, that we shouldnt use its silly... shortcut language for not enough time to [process the majot complexities and inauthenticities in all of us....

".... anyway NO one can criticise HAnnah A...   i am sure there are UCL professors of women studies who have Hannah Arendt knickers...

"she said...'when there are things we cannot say in society...we ALREADY have a tyranny...period...or not'...there is if you ask me the quickest way to stop this so so boring word policing... "  

So, yes...being authentic. 

And it 'hurts'.

Even me... last 3 or 4 weeks encountering some younger very intelligent environmentally thoughtful REAl thinking people (they know its the Tom-Pauls and Kates, too...and their parents...all of them)

My 30 year old (f) and two 25year olds...and 21 year old... each i have told "you are superb ..i think we have tested you fully...i have GIVEN UP..its so so dull the same-side-as-me women just chip away undermine due their lost neurosis and inability to just BE ..sweaty on the land...and laugh at all... you are so good if i have an ally a real one committed to some period of time always as your mentor..period or not... i would....but i cannot alone... been/done/tshirt... "

And authenticity is i wish to have nothing ever ever again to do with any English ever...


it would be so so so boring - almost hurt...underwinging these youngers...

same stories, same examples...same sharings 

But if by some miracle my precondition ... crawled out of a swamp of mud and...said " ehh yes..its 'community'...cos we need leaders in the future ...too...not just Pets... ok ..metoo... we will ... both ... nudge drag em by trheir fuckin collars up the river (she said Whiplash was ...a maybe...maybe the best said i didnt lead truth as a parent i have NO idea which is best the whipping approach or Montessori kind of style...i cannot decide..but i met a bright eyed ex ballet dancer and she said....the whips...her face film ever...hmmm.....what a superb young woman!)

if the precondition was met.

I would have to keep to what i really really really have had enough of forever..

As i said i would.

The thought of that almost hurts. But guess what the Black swan is...if there is one way of stickin one up her parsons nose and tickling her... into maybe SOME knowledge of what happens after a 'change'... no matter what the change, if you really do know the meaning of life (unless A Wagner group nutjob loon replaying Rambo almost all poor Central European men were force fed 30 years ago... not their fault)... being authentic...eventually does give us self esteem ...always..