Saturday 15 July 2023

The 'actual' beginning...

 And way in.

In fact my own odyssey did end in January this year...

To hear ONE woman in her not-English passionate I MEAN IT...tones..

spit, quite rightly - and i have a near perfect memory for what matters - i never need to consult 'diaries'... i never do.

" the way you all bring up your children is a crime.."

And she meant it.

That was the end and beginning.

But of course she must pay her whatever to the Tom-Pauls and Kates...

caged ..



By put out her fabulous hat to catch the scraps from their table..

and that HURTS - being inauthentic hurts a lot...

She cannot know because unesteemed people who have not Be-come their true selves cannot ever think in a balanced way - how utterly wonderful it is to repeat almost always 'truths'...

You actually have to Be that - and guess what the scraps from the Tom-Pauls (he does extremely expensive 'sound gong healing' - that big ferkin brass tin can gong, is that a good use of mother earth's scant resources dear chap?"

to Be cont