Monday 24 July 2023

Authenticity... the only one ultimate test

I had in the post office que
just before lunch

as if a gift.
To the not very good writer wanting now eees Ralph all the way to...

get it all out its so dull..

I mean what does one have to do in life to.... get a teach
schism and horrororscope  antimatter weaponry
are real.
Though we arent quite sure about the seeing the future bits
I never claim anything
for sure
My antimatter  equipment has been primed since last November - thats why i wrote the letter
The work done, did...
and failed

But for now
Its just a bloody dance i am so glad i am not allied with yet another hobby, 
but all art is beautiful and symbolic.
so has a place
In its place.
To lift that human spirit they all drowned in Xanax in films from about 10 years ago