Saturday 15 July 2023

ave i recalled all.....?

 i said to mine self a few months fact midwinter

"ferkin ell this way of life is so .....'bodily'..... "

i thought i was sucking up a tad.

But actually even if i certainly do not have time...all these mad fraudulent (listen to Meghan and her mate on 'Borderline personality disorder' a few weeks ago... thats the BAD one hahh hahhhh) 

wonky a far nicer word

even if sexist bitches  Meg and mate

saying its only the 


i never have time but it is time to have time

(to review anything before uploading)

but just a peek at being munched by a hedge

cripes what fabulous sinewey arms and shoulders...

i would give me one except....

(i mean this is just the start... the Bristol one and her brood i did a REAL environmental talk WITH last week.... maybe it was because i said "the census has just revealed that in actual fact 96.5% still only like to fuck the opposite sex.... and dont need to be in skirts to get it out quicker as seems now compulsory in Falmouth..".but maybe that was the clue the way there we are ultra sex goddess 49 " fuck me i never even considered chatting your mum up as i though she was about 40.....which is the ultimate in comps...."  so when that was spun around in a way that Ed Reardon  would be fuming " how on earth did he do...that..?. that was impossible...that even ...well the 17 year old's jaw dropped and smiled...."

But the clue to what the following day when.... a British mother gets her 18 year old son to phone up and express ....her emotions..... after i had the best happiest chat with mum's friend ever on the dog and bone... who said she wanted mum to have a chat ...with me

I think the clue was ... despite the most i am the blackgold of the sun radiant smiles....

(i wish i had died younger than the only goddess ever...except Tammy was told..." 1000 listens babe... you... beat really did...slutty Luton is far far more human and... we both have only one goddess..." there was no point bothering to live....

that hesitation.... at " go and have loads of fun and screw loads of blokes and drink loads of beer.. then do your psych...and yes write too...."

" andhey you  mister a confident 49er.... ....remember it may be girlies too.."

why must they spoil it... neurotic controlly fuckin lost silly people when they know that her daughter never enjoyed so much speaking with someone giving her extremely good cutting edge advice on the course she wished to think about studying....

to be, here, is also an impossible miracle... on not a penny, and sinews and.... 

But why...

To the hat babe:

 " you read ....well...have you read any weirdo Hardy

 whom got a hard on

at the hangin'

Every single meeting of luvvas and new best friends and  it-was-rit-in-the-stars...

happened up there up yonder cliff...

seven hours we chimed

on every single thing rong...

never mind the best advice she could ever hear about

her twenty year old lad..

( i race my words clsing time)

he speaking suicide with her just a few days


"but love... we saw The Deerhunter... you just old enough maybe to have seen


"i didtoo"

i left that awful county of Horrorfordshire...

seeing the muvvas... so fuckin fuckin look-at-me

one i used to fancy and sometimes saucy looks

in the supermarket

lucky escape

"my son died, too"


box set bullshit of the most vain 

borderline personality disorder


There, i could not say to them

GREAT culture once 

guided us

their box set big fathead rednecks of course

nowadays only hiss at

For gods sake love whatever it takes

find a way

stop him...

you love him

you alone know 

you let me say

to you


no..he does NOT know his mind and you have one unlike EVERY other English woman i have ever known

Deerhunhter taught us war it always makes you nuts


and some die too, well....

after these perfect Hardyesque snogs


something more arose

and you have to be at his funeral one day hence

Well i shall tell you as you too

as you leave your front door in morning garb

"I told you


"what you find that offensive!?"


well actions  for an hour more under the blowy skies in the perfect most romantic spot in the world ever..

edge o' 

lovers leap..

speak louder than words

but why? was she a holler gram of fuckin atomised short circuits too?

The end.

But i am certain if missed some bits. But no more... until i get at least hedgehog food expense cash as of course the shamed shamans  dont like animals real life. Not facebook lies .

..thats what having a kid teaches you - there are no personal feelings. Just whatever ACTION you do, next...and the worst of them all taught me that..Katrina.... 

who of course ended up sadly with her Toms and Pauls too... even though in her case she saw through them as if x ray vision and just used them... but i have no idea WHAT for?

she was great....she needed no compromise with any lost Tom the lawyer or whoever else next whatever....

I accept.....100%