Friday 21 July 2023

 of course she will not say

(only here to send the young drummer the link later because if one says to a youngun "i will show you a wonderful drummer lady to maybe even emulate" then get your link right!)

to the paying mind repair customers:" ehh if you want actually better 'mental'  health....firstly get up in the morning... and even if [as a man] every woman will hate you.... because for 25 years the key... living at least 1 km from traffic noise 95% of the time...means you can think ...and write...and have simple easy thoughts that are good and ok may be 'hurtful' to sad people stuck in noise and angst but that doesnt mean they arent ...righjt....but such terrible online signal if away from roads [as now]  you will have to get into the habit of getting UP very veryvery a rural man has had to for 15 years just to slightly 'connect' with further he fed his daughter a 7am it doesnt work - everyone else munching the very meagre signal...... and guess what its SUPERB for your mental health....and ability to ride through the 'feminine' bullshit... plus no matter how bleak you feel, or as per yesterday gammy knee...walk for miles - your knee gets magically SELF REPAIR better.... and for your head, then you wont need to come and pay me not fix it i cannot even read my own whatsaps if they query the whole ethos i from..."

Ed Reardo attacking the 'woerkshop ' brigade last evening

so so funny
shame that someone else she attacked them too, to me by voice...
cannot live her actual opinions ...

but there we go an island of utter lost sheep herding other lost sheep...for cash..
and none BELIEVE in the great things they say...
the key to the worst possible mental health ever

I believe this church may be left open...lets see

("its your steal as much as you can from them... now, top of list SILAS.... she alone attacked the lot of them with real fake bullshit... George she stuck two fingers up at that great big silly building in the opening chapters... her Silas just to live... despite them all...i believe in SOMEthing...but i dont know what it's for....hahh hahh you really really DO get it.....i wasnt sure about yer mum but now shes riffed on Shakespeare and .... gee lot are a force of nature AND intellect and true scholarship too...just please, try not to go to a British let us start with some facts...just down there 'UK should be in the Hague, first..' a fact...but it is so subtle, the 'why'... for example the way those talking to probation are required to give a truly false performance they have seen the errors of get off or out of the system... yet once the door is closed, they laugh at the cant and vanity they must perform.. that helps no one...and hurts their...soul...and is the reason that this place most dangerous of all - a false version of being reformed, or better-now...or the worst evil of all...and seemed to have become yes just like Animal Farm!! :-) ...... Orwellian madness .... somehow that is what you must learn about... but the problem is Rachel did she get it so so perfectly? - how the gaoled learn to find the smallest little tricks in terms of day i will find a way to get around their tyranny... ??? its magic - how?! ... in her book she truly gets it:...wait, the worst of opressors, wait...sooner or later one can just turn around their nutty rules or oppressive ones own actual spiritual benefit. ...she is true genius... UK far too frightened of her of course to give her the Booker...and i don't think yanks do much good to anyone...except from their madness true beauty DID arise...thats the deal: worst societies, eventually produce the great new minds that provide the key...out")

this mess now needs sorting out
As it is ...over