Friday 21 July 2023

ruined dotcom


( a discussion...or rather " see that word, the f word... i know what 'female' means.... but please never use that word in your great writing and poetry to come... me i raised one of you and spent far more time than average tending to my lasses smalls... in between iron man work digging with my hand drainage ditches around Hillary's old neglected outbuildings... and ... well i have discovered, regrettably the black widow of the humanoid form are far far more lethal than any praying mantis mum [mum smiles and nods in concert]...   i simply have no idea what 'feminine' or masculin means ...except loadsa silly blokes load up on steroids... makes em nuts, a little more of a habit more than women... but i am sure steroid munchin women will catch up in Uk same as USA  soon enough... aww you want to be a drummer, sorry i neglected you... well... here is a ...[can't find' great artist and example...i had a zoom date with her in 2020... she wont put on her therapist page online how rightly anti Novax Jockitch she was....rightly... her dating picture had her as Amish ..only reason i clicked on her... i think we became friends... anyway she's a great example as a a therapist ehhh.... funny how shetoo eats my messages - maybe she likes to hear a bit of reality...until a few days ago doesnt like to hear the REAl reality...' i hope will have found by now in your new career... the model of therapy they tought you at UWE...has no hope..' nope we have no free speech in UK... see, no blue ticks any more... but she is still great example as a drummer  - letting go, sexy and sultry and she plays with the camera...until she thought she had something useful to say other than her previously great writing songs"