Monday 3 July 2023

 Right bloody ell....


The question o me so sad recurring

(oh me oh life - Whitters)

not a bit of it

cos of whatsername at

opening time...

she alone even if ring in err Noze...


"love...i am telling EVERYone about you... bloody hermituding away at the Lizard's tale... you alone, read Pilger, hate drugs, know drugs ruined it all... know education even at the tail end of this turgid land, disappeared up its own tale of itself when it has no


 as bad as even Starkey admits..

What is life is full of care one has no time

to go to a whole beach with no one there

but then

on the way back

stood alone to me her back

But she did not mind:

"hark ... this fantasy place, the whole damn space from

... here i am, most magnificent deserted beach i CAN live here i was worried back of mind...

 six months and more...

but things keep happing - things that are not allowed by any rules of any fairies,

 the whole world i have wandered

never once seen one sublime statuette stood her arms outstretched centre of the bay

of the final undertow. 

alone, no one else but her

now me

' hello ehhh... can i tell you I have never seen one youngish woman - alone... centre of such a far away place

i mean any olf rapist could come along and...

have a good chat with you.... and make friends.

'NOOOHHHHHH UK is far more Pinochet dodgy than Venezuela stop feeling false self pity for yourself until you KNOW this land....  

(must find the 4chan show when lady from inland

"fuckin theme park dont you know, 


Now of course she is allowed

to say this and be proud

Because she is thirty, 'vulnerable' and drinks

the tea

of BBC

fourchan to you and me

with a brain

Theme park she said straight from her head

and we could go on on and on

About how 

So theme park number 1

twenty years ago i wandered the street

"my my... theme park that's reet"

which will save the river and of course
nohhh we wont do it Fergal's way
"sue the  cunts
dont even apply 
their own lore
and the fishes all runts"

Nope the mermaids of the Wye
who n fact never go down the Warren (better than the Riviera)and
see the dead minnows eye to eye

Meanwhile of course we cannot speak
her cheek
So full of angst and
I know not what

Just clearing the desk did i show
the only remedy to their smiley glow

Because if ... last Wednesday was it?
You waste yet another hour - three in fact
By the time i bask in the afterglow
Maybe all the way she will go
Ok trust
do something i must
RiverHell****action stations
maybe that will work

I know, still berserk

But the simple life, for the one whom wished tales of it. Is more tales of the mind, but some experience (how did that happen this damned thing puts it to central justification by itself
Makes me sound and look like some Messiah
Not at all.
Just a scribe 
who learned that when they all waste your time, so... 
slam poetry (above - no thinking off we go)
does no good.
But practical gizmos like this one a fiver
my my 
treble taskin' the only way
I'm even a live
still. And better living than ever,.

meanwhile only reason for turning ...noohhh its not a 'blog' on
is what a relief at last 

two episodes of Something Understood with great poetry
saved (who knows for whom, one day...but i act always as if the obviously good thing...happens...and one day i shall share these episodes  - even the Mccarthy epp, was great and he's usually a snivvelin pity monkey!... saved...and at last a month no backups...

All doubled...

pinch my laptop if you want
back to simple habits 
i won, you don't

I'm just doodling very fast whacking my keyboard by necessity very hard
 to make more noise than the woman actually employed (with a very gold plated pension)
to be 
here to ensure

which is a Turner prize winning real poem about reality, here, now...well for 13 years by my reckoning
and chronicles