Monday 3 July 2023


 i hope the reader doesnt think i am reactionary bad person.

had i planned a George Borrow (Wiild Wales is superb but he was itzy witzy bit fake....pretending to be 'au naturelle' wandering mendicant when in fact he had biggish inherited farmstead back in Suffolk or somewhere the ive had nothing spare ever 20 years...which makes occasional interaction so so much more real ... and am pure, and only like a woman who says she likes humble ...people who do not have much..and uk should be before her ex people in the queue at the Hague ...dock....)



and mermen

its not some new thing

quickest short limited battery riff

the first i met her 27 years ago... went to see her house being rented  .... hust 5 miles from Kington very rural spot... lovely humble place.... too big forcme solo though....dads of course...she gets the loot..

whike pretendibg she is poor real humble pure person

she didnt remember me 17 years later...they never do...even if we had spent atcleast 2 hrs chatting rhat oast occasiob      by this time many years with her ultra merman... them a pair, him a bowie act, her a Green party mayor act

and a few years a real genuine green woman i mentored... we supported chief Lady mermaid... 

very very sincerely and fully

genuinely. loyally. with acts.

one ( having worn out 2 bicycles dekivering her lying green oarty propoganda ekectoral material)was paying 20 quid for the two expensive Raleigh bicycles left rotting outside their shed.. 

almost unused.

no wear on the tyres or bearings, when i disassembled them to restore. ..

a bit later  in need of wheels... so poor these rusted wrecks all we could afford

clearly her and mister merm so so so busy at Big Green Gatherings preaching   and Spring Greens junky hangout at Ed Bulmers  ( she would claim as good as  Caroline Lucas but with" pity us souls " perfectly mixed... that never works she too tjick to know.)  all endless how to save the planet, reduce reuse recycle...

so many  gatherings one about vcery two months

far too committed

to have any time to cycle

the 10+ years their new cycles hadnt been used

or even have time to cover then with a pritective tarp..  

as many photos can show    ...and hours of arty fun film

not even i was able to scrape all that rust off

but they were at last put to actual use. ... her  loads of stolen money had paid  for ( defn if you preach to rapturous applause  against second homes...but... have a few like Monbiot ....i call that theft....)

 fixing thwm... thusreducing emissions and waste

funny old world, retiring ( hurt her words) from only a year of  being Green Queen mayor...

they go and buy a big very heavy gas guzzling live in vehicle... 

just for the odd weekend out.. 

but him,  hetoo...

the truth i have on him....and films..... better than Monty Python....years bossing us about, never out of neon places hardly a motor about  .

the latest ( ShitCreek) mermaid.... ametuer

and the main one i did trust last hour she  so so had me...conned

she would lead a new riever movement

but i am so so glad

because it means i am totally free. ..100% forever free... 

just to Bee

 thee is no point



the prettuer ones who demand they do and,are going to DO something..

may as well be sticking their heads thriugh a hole in a rotten hull...

with a certain shark havin a sniff for interesting juicy bits. ..lurnking below from the only horror movie i ever saw ..

theyll charmy smile the real shark doubt

until ....