Sunday 23 July 2023

but the biggest con of all

 .... type 1 men, so steroid,  and 35 years ago cbemical fried their brains.... and still harp on about mushrooms .. the shroom.... fuckin kids

as of course their women do even more ( major filmic  interiews early  May  made in a Marches festival of Green Men monetising yet more garbage that avoids actual awake as i do every day super creative and fully aware...always...and clear headed happy no matter what

and avoids how angsty and unpleasant these 'Psychadelics' almost always leave people medium term....

i wish it wasnt so...  any escape from the 85% fat tattooed chaveratti would be welcome.... but you cannot,  ...ever ....and should not 

, as dealing with the yuckness off reality is so so much more good for the soul...and perfect sleep ...and other bodily patterns....

i know i sincerely did many legal cases for them...sincerely

and was so impoverished because i had ( £5 an hour exs only,  a decade) i had to then live among them...8 years

best buddhist lesson of all

and being forced ( by kidlove) to remain somewhere a region as i have had full of foolery and pseudery....( and violent bornbred chavs made angsty jealous they cannot afford the Tom-Paul incomer 80 grand suvs...whole of Marches ..became angry and sour ...i lived that decelopment) ... for years ..

turns out to be the best 'spuritual' journey...ever


Hesse kind of enlightened truth

certainly superb mindful real evolution... real soulfood

but the true funny joke...on them....

Mr Tom-Paul... ( think Sam Harris with the guts to truly rip everyone off, blatantly...... least among his in crowd...all one of her,  thats what he sniggers at.... and went to a lesser english public school.....

........her parents couldnt quite afford so....)

the 'Budhism'  they all default to alliance with    

in fact is such and angry fucker of an ideology it actually says " if you meet him KILL the Buddah"

not challenge to a duel with bananas, or to a tango competition on Loe Bar,..loser has to take a dip in the lethal rip.. or even go on a long walk with him and see who tires first....



.... and these deluded children.. of the weirdest inconsisten thought system ever.. 

followers of that nuttiness...

own half your county!!..  and most events and workshop retreata and...all 'wellness'

me to Serbia ...

at least you know where you are with Rambo...and so does he, ...and his " bird" one hopes....

which is true