Sunday 23 July 2023


 you see there you go...

it is only on great long medatituve walks the answer comes.

fuck their signs, trespaz should be obligat


so quick no signal plus sunday rule ( they are for breaking if there was one just slifht.. hope)

thriteen years, the hedgehogalogue ( grown ups i KNOW laugh at stories in the press...)

but it was 8 years ago i first met her

with my then so wonderful sidecick mentoree

" wow what a woman for you to meet as example" 

i could not have had more of a rong answer

she was at llandrindod small poetry fest   free fest...all day an night.30 there all day

she wandering with a lonely glass of wine alone . and bot

of her own

she lived there then....but replicated here

100s in Falmouth ( the local writer termed a  theme park 4 mths ago Front Row)

and,around.. other hamlets..dozens of them

" achingly hip" 

that made 14 year olds mum larrffff...her customerss

she had written a book age about achingly 35, The Answer...

i forget her name... the point

so forgettable de-spite her greatest ' beauty'

young mentoree and i ..2 years tightest unit

within 15 min miss achingly hip despite " wow you are a hero you saved my kids too from evil soc servs [ sic] ... i heard of you.."she ran off crying " you CANNOT say that..." the discussion was  great relations between me and my 100% 'purpose' rather liked ...certainly perfecrly treated, bedwarmer

we had fixed her depression... her to productive work first time in years..

taught her self employment accounting

and even kickstarted her singing career...only for her

( mental health as she would say..)


miss achingly cool writer thought polices  us.. . while she DOES nothing but be adopted by booksellers due her achingly cool most fuckable image ever...

but the arrogance

to entitle a book the Answer

nor can anyone at 35

when she knew nothing of life....

is britain however here is THE ANSWER..

13 or about 11 years ago i wrote a tad shortcut language, arrogantly...just a private note, 

..she The Taxidermist...had made me Voltaire.. 

it is part true ( if you listen to last audio)...

though i never had the time to utterly step outside...( due always 95% of me in kids mind and world.. and trying a fix) til weave it into maybe a day

but her successor....

i have no interest in newsprint yestersays chip paper as sane people know. ..

she in fact

 as of maybe 4 or 5 months ago made me Ralph.  !!! :-)

full Ralph .   no half measures ( he was kindest man by far i ever adpted dad for 7 or 8 years... .gentle tree trunk of man photos on ruralralph facebook link to that old blog ..nonblog... ruralraplg

Ralph wouldnt be coy...once he didnt depend on the Tom-pauls for his minimum wage tending their huge veg plots they too impnrtantly saving the woeld, ever to . my parent dysfubctional elite creeps ' community' of 

alcies and humble motors..

 polos and old renault 5s ..

.the bossclass latest designer..

ralph chief serf

oldest banger ever

more filler than metal...he famous for it ..a true work of art!

but he saw through  and guidedme too


their every false word

... and we smiled...him and i for years.tending to their rotten wood... with honour..

rotten floors in rotten ancient old barns

fix their old wood despite them! 

fix to use for farming and animals..

old barns one day yuppie converted...and we cried...we fixed that old wood as if it were .owned by Gahndi himself    

but 6 mths ago i wasnt quite full Ralph...

i know what full Ralph is  ..

only one person in fact made that happen...!! 

it is true

no matter what lonely assumptions she makes.    !!!!

wonderful... THE answer..  i didnt know...til jolly nice walk ...heck the walks here if you know where to avoid the fatties and neurotic needy dog naggers     



and once Ralph, i was never going to be




no going back

thank you

and now i am