Monday 10 July 2023

But the "sharings" (CONTEXT)

Before I go to sleep for three days

 (ahh that is better - caps lock key removed... Jimmeyed out)

The amount of times...well i am not a silly old unadaptable goat.....

In wanderings and speakings of course one.... " oh excuse me i didn't mean 'speak' no what i meant to say ... [The Nazi so wisely ...she smiled at me so knowing when she got this speach]...i have learned in the land of fenmin**is... and the same goes for these truly dangerous flat earth 'chem trail' very very drug addled chaps who are everywhere and i want only to go... i haver learned to be inclusive in my lingo so of course 'talk' and 'speak' are banned words i almost always as long as i waste my precious time remembering share the word 'share'..."

It is truly truly amazing (i can hare with anyone but dont want to and have stopped)... especially down here... ALL the wiser people especially women of all classes but i generally share my  told stories with those whom appear fairly homespun ish... except one lanyarded wrongly covered book...


the land does NOT like the BBC any more... there seems to be a chorus of "yes i used to listen to radio four...for company...25 years ago it was a fine neutralish educator..but... sack em!"

Anyway i wouldn't pick on minorities - in this land of default assumptions.

You wanna hear Mister Prammy go on about the People of The Book - vicious it is rather funny and is funny as i know he is a sweet big lump of lard incapable of hurting the fliessss buzzin round his eyes..

I do know the Crets - French version shortened for self pitying death cultists... (my friend a senior one i always say "oh..hi... its the S P D C brigade..." 

Well, lets put it lijke this. One cannot speak sghare discuss fuckin prove byu science anything with the increasing majority .. the remedy/reikifraud/energyhealer/holisticdoghomeopath brigade...especially if the are on diamond course workshops..(ohhh thats a beauty taped chat - the whole point to make one 'centred' and not jump to nasty rude conclusions...)...

So yes no one to speak talk share duell with for years... the remedy brigade (who can never listen to the super latest real science is UV and loads of being shagged out... boosts immune systems, synovial fluid anti-arthritis function,  and especially natural cancer cell munching systems...  as none of them make money or HAVE WORKSHOPS based on that...  workshops being as a certain most adored woman stated are for sad lost losers with no real life.. no fuckin guts...go liberate some caged seals maybe...nope...go to a workshop... even if she minorly in that business...which means shetoo is inauthenticity.

i woke 5 years ago thinking "god i just dont EVER want ever ever again to know anyone with PROB..lems.." 

what a fool i was, as only space would satisfy that wish space (i write so fast i have to my that was quite good but maybe "humans  being sent into 'space' kills them.." maybe better... first draft only .

Yes, assumptions:

Though entirely irrevocably provable the Crets do NOTHING to even slightly recompense society for the tax breaks - doubtless rates reductions...etc..on their extremely greedy land holdings portfolio...

A few do have a sense of humour... two JW Crets for some years we would have 3 hour joke duells...VERY VERY pointed..and the beardy always won and HE started his nasty offensive jokes...

Long long battles (intrespersed with real community action sharings... ' you can laugh matthew but you fuckinj hippos... you dont even have a soup kitchen...get your pen'alms' yes are you too thick to know that word too, i mean mamon.. jesus h.."

So..our truly funny word duells over the years were so good i started to sometimes get out video ...always recorder on for protection...but maybe 5 years ago knew munitary dynamite... because they are real: two sad slightly islandish people ..  really finding human friendship by the rudest jokings public..on the streetcorner 

" hahh hahhh i did yer... three hours that session i saved at least ten  poor suckers from being drawn in  by your plashy propoganda you can weedle ten percent their hard earned factory floor cash out of them... "

On just one such day - often educatory session too " look... you dont like Farage...well where in your sky fairy handbook does it do an "or else..and dont forget i am a very bolshie god.."?

"WHY not vote?   i think we have established you couldnt be SEEN voting for Bojo though i trust nothing you all got expensive motors...come on prove you aren't allowed to..."

On just one such day along comes a man...a very fat man... inn his case obvious gluttony..


ten years or more..

" sir... you alone in this region i truly respect...  your cutting satire against Lord Abergavenny...and  food faddists i ALWAYS show any younger freethinker i may try and guide a is compulsory lesson 1... [ unlike death cult Grayling who really does compulsory lesson one - read the Ursula K Le Guin story as death cult as can be.. he says society IS that]...

" the one i live with she wishes to join the council ... thank you alone congrating us on her pitch vid made ALL the difference...she decided to go for it after hearing your good words... "

no other snide backstabbing or any negative words ever about...

Mister Marchant...

of the BBC

Who comes by about 4 years ago.. Matt and Ian and I in one of regular PRIVATE joke session things ok a little satirical about passing Waitrose bags...but we are in a private talk laughing...all of us...

And fatty lard face blasts out (to me) all the street can hear..." How fucking dare you you nasty cunt..[sic][ - he is radio 4 earnest god by the way... ]. these poor people are an oppressed minority for thousands of years ... tyrannicly cruelly tortured and beaten ... and here you are opressing them even further...fuckin cunt... fucker cunt cunt cunt.."

which if i released as context, with context would make me millions as it is a most perfect example of the cult of mindlessness that 'wellness' actually fosters..

 But as someone who was born serious i know that only Yugoslavs are greatest modern writers of all, because it is straight out of the introduction to genius Queen  Slavenka's ..they Would Never hurt a Fly...

Now...can we have some more writing like that please..about HERE where YOU live and were given fuckin sanctuary....before he sets his (like all 'intellectuals' of course i say "well i try not to use the dumbed down word) 'woke'"

 flies on my bloody saddle...and he won't stop with me..

This is real. They have much anger. And is just as latently dangerous and mad, and in some areas of life already in nett effect to many 100 thousand being zombies - children destroyed lives destroyed... as any Syria or Libya or wherever... (in some ways already as we build yet more prisons when Norway..has a humane FAR more effective approach to crime..)

And the wokest chummiest BBC man of all... a 'national treasure'  -  as stalinist as any stalin can be and quite clearly wishing harm to.... someone..

As my recording so beautifully shows.

is why you really do want