Sunday 23 July 2023

butterfly brain itis (Mrs 'holistic')

  When one of them messaged me in January ... recalling i had told her i was going to the dentist..i was flaberggasted...

Real emoji flabberated

because he dull history of the last 10 years... fifteen really...but especially the last 7ish..

is simply they all developed butterfly brains - to encounter someone who remebered something shared, to me was a miracle...

..i shall never forget. I am the lucky one despite being super hi-tech (key: just keep it to a few hours only in the morning - by afternoon the human bit comes back)

super interested in all around... even if i wish to live aside

i never forget what matters - have a lot to gather and broadcast (ancient use of word)

But if it were in one line, maybe that one i jotted 7 ish years ago in my pad.. acid snowflakes falling on butterfly wings..

There is no 'snowflake' in under 30s - yet another hustler schemed that up - they are viscious!! far far more viscious than that age group when i was under 25ish..

but their terrible teachers and professors ALOWED them to perform hurt, and control via it

as i said to a rare wise communicant earlier in the week " forget all the labels the lot... when. 15ish  years ago  younger people are overwhelmed by global eco issues..and war ever ongoing... they go INSIDE...obsess about the body, even nowadays the 6 cm thing whether to have one or chop it off or what colour it should be,... and of course their 'mental health'...all this  - bodily obsession is as nay farmer knows wanking...when a sheep is penned in ... forced inside gets very wanky... but seriously it is sad - a whole people who cannot deal with larger big scary things of course will turn inward and neurotically obsess about their small things...and bodily justice type and all the rest...i know i LOST..i know when i must retreat...walk on.. i aint stupid.. but I care about truths rather than fiction"."