Sunday 23 July 2023

dont be 'guilty'


hmmm...having 3 years ago - 3 1/2 ...met so many fake allies ... (needed for counselling my daughter perhaps...though i never asked... when so often bolstering others children and the like..)


a message

but i have wasted so so much time on them... three yerars ago i got a megga  - seems good - but i never even had the broadband speeds to see if it works

this was meant to have been on youtube (for that reason - online filestores are never reliable) but doesnt seem to have made it

from thursaday morn

one does not wish ANYone feeling 'guilty'..

that would make them even more boring than they are

you have simply NO idea what a juggler and bodily multitasker i became...just to leave some decent REALdad material for a in case

as no one else was ever reliable...ever - ever...

but the last laugh is ON them - one and all... i ended up unplanned making an even better chronicle - and it is purpose...and purpose - good purpose, does in fact sort of fill up a gap where love should long as its GOOD purpose - making sure next generation knows even the ferkin ancient Egyptians kinda worked that one out...

despite their bling habits