Monday 10 July 2023

"communication day"

 but nothing i ever say comes true so 

i knew i was playing bonkers idiot savant, who knows he cannot know anything


1300 to add to the MANY pictures of 7 year old girls of Herefordshire (and Hay Festivalshire)  with the most expensive crass awful  misogynistic sexist pig Barbie mobiles ever...
mainly paid for by immigrant money 


but call them what they are
"50 years behind the actually careful thoughtful humanist progressive and educated.".except Olivia... 
s Olivia herself said... i shall publish the whole damn thing)

i have no interest in


why ANY sane person should not educate their kids in UK.. because their friends mums and dads will be like my friend..

(this is NOT the case in a lot of EU

 nothing else matters - beyond what is in this

BUT there is more

something impossible