Sunday 16 July 2023

even if he went

 Telettubbie, too...

( with his endless  compulsory " shoutouts" to nazi health service workers who imprisoned old folks in 2020  inside when science says immune systems are far healthier if they get off their fat wobbly arses and wheel the old folx out into the sunshine...and if u love someone you 'challenge' them to mean what they say and get the ferkup with the light..... nope nkt im Nazihealth land of inversity... is that a newword? only when in the very happiest if moods so newwords come)

half of him is still

perfect, too

.his sardonique

' tongue in cheek'  [ another fake people pkeasing chiming]

i always,adore

its the ONLY remedy to the poor lost kiddult girls ( even 50 +)

who know everything... their assumptions define...your sick society

me leaving...

....poor them!!

all i know, atop a cliff, gedge being aired...   

and as there is no 'feminine' unless a sad woman is trying to monetise it to keep up with the fancyhat brigade

never mind the spikes

why bother ' sexing' it

its already got a name


i trust i others, and the 'magic'

i believe in.... something

theres a 'reason' kismet.... whatever

no one else can let go and



their ' insghts'..nope

fear and self loathing

no matter the spikey poison they go and put on their dull lonely walls day in and out. . 

anyway, paradise, is a fine air clearing breeze   . Steve Wright- his good half of his mind

on the wireless . 

and a truly great culture interesting song from years.


when people could think FOR..themselves . 

me i smile...

at tge words, who cares delivered by a man or woman.... all thar us a cultural construct, weak women.... with fine strong bodies even, manipulate to hide from their lost lonely  false victimisation ( i would be fearful if i were a woman in this region...i didnt realise it scares me!  the amount if very sick edgy junkies and alcies roaming.... i think mace was invented for that some decades ago...or a husband is maybe a more time served solution..) as now some fine minds do get into legal cases ... 

anyway steve on the wireless

forget the lonely fools

and their controlling defence of Apple plastic


a fine hedge to protect me

and great words...interesting ones, make you


and all sex .... sexing.. ..gendah!  is such a minir difference as real science knows

just a pulluted agenda to cover up a total failure to actually grap equality in fair,ways   

many Scadanavian sicieties dealt with yonx ago...

" maybe the best version..." 

uk actually the society where if you emailed that  suberb writing to some child person lost in a computer image of themself may end up as allegation of threats to ...

and in the papers

i done the legal cases!


never again.....

i know when the fools won..

only a fool thinks he can beat the herds of sad little fooks... 


herding each other into yet anither failed  oaradigm... tge river still full of shit

cos it takes real allues to watch real backs and eveb the best if them 

can only find ways to project a totally false image then twist a knife when ...found out    

i accept 100%

but they....should use ther '"insight" to write properly....




why their pens turn poisonous


simplest psychology known 100s of years...nope they know better

cos tberes no money in using whats already known   

unless you really let go abd trust... what you already kearned from otgers tjose oesky giddesses may ket u recycle in new real ways... but as all top writers know

you...have to get our of the way...of the words


i had to learn that once...the Taxidermists sad madness was. .the key

the greatest black swan of all ever