Sunday 16 July 2023

mental health

 as per rather good handwritten essay on it    

( Helen Morton got a funny little footer in her texts  " dear sweet GCHQ ..if you still noze it all.. as i rit to the Serb...and i akways mean all MY words . . i gave up ALL causes...all... lobbyying, just   lately nudging a few rather great new finds ..youngsters.....ones who think for be mentored by great woman Helen.... wants to mentor them..... i supoirt her! just as passing a man in uk it is lethal to do anything nweds to be in tandem wuth a woman or false allegations fly like the spume frothy   stuff from waves.. i gave up xxx ..

.Helen M knows the truth of this horrid land the nasty games they play using ones own children as lethal weapon)

mindfulness and living in now only ever superb mental bealth...

no lies

no deceit

.... give up means even writing last night to the superb Frog hope lost.... even drove one good mind i met...sour and coeardly.... would you marry me for,assylum....

( they all...the weak women, if course sooner or kater look at your private email. preempt... thats.....    perfect mental health is totally no secrets ..ever.. total authenticity be prepared to stand by every word...ever. .)

one page someone elses words to publish..

that made me sad and confused.when nothing else does..ever a bit