Sunday 23 July 2023

hahh hahhh

 She Made Me Ralph

the only one person ever had the manners to call me by my chosen requested!!

..... defo! great theme....!!

thats actually BETTER..than Candide..if you know the story :-)

and...can smile or maybe laugh at yourself.. these truly awful new writers and achingly hip   frauds would think is insulting goddess themmm.

even if they had a repressed smirk at....just one joke



( the definition of mentally ill by the way, as good as)

i would rather it was more balanced in  the main perfornances ...characters appearing..but so be it

They...always KNOW...their answer is true

i doubt i am the fool in this Candide rewrite..

only time will


except it has already..i walk on always...

key to bodily health and longevity