Sunday 23 July 2023

 quickest posting mode ( fixing old rotten wood...but of course these city ones dont know, the JOB..always out trumps your silly feelings...

and pride and fellowship when its finished is also bliss...jointly)

quickest save every second mode,  is to jot quick typo riddl3d version

press 'publish' just in case signal drops


go back and edit and detypo

so if anyone hangs on every new post....


until it has been fixed

a bit later

when it will..


i can fix anything...given time

ohhh i forget mass arrigance disorder no one elses ' insight' ever really allowed...only shit off the internet.... glossy shit by townies like sick mister tolle...

not my biz i saw through him 20 years ago...


this will all go soonish..

and be turned into about 10 books 100 essays on substack and ...

...who knows what