Monday 24 July 2023

hahh hahhh

 the last thing i KNEW

  for 15 years

i would lower myself

to do

the gimmickeratti with their

' book rit on twatter'

years ago they started to boast.

riff my memoirs

just some

on a rainy morn

on my bimbophone

(only cos battery lasts longer than the laptop.. and anyway, i know the key to life, letting go...and sometimes even being the complete OPPOSITE...of what you know from years is who one rightly knows is right...and good..... i wish i could find that talk, on wireless 4chan.. about 2005.... an acually good guru type  i heard suggest that. . as a truly good life (  "hack" yuck what an absurd new  word!)

way of causing good change...

he shared:

Be... the exact opposite of what you well know is 'just' and right....

if faced with someone sadly stuck being angsty-them   ...lost, a problem.

it worked.

As the the London   child 'expert' also saw...cos i told Adrian my humble  simple ...last resort..plan.... using listening to some MAYYBE real wisdom from another

to save her from having her child taken away from the judges... 

 and given only

 to me

for her mental safety

more fool me.

there we go..... one simply can never ever know any right coorse or wrong

longer term

hence that fabulous poem

just last week...nope 13th! i remember that day! time flies too fast ..wasted. maybe or maybe not, i cannot know. i know

must find again

"if i had a rudder, please" or words to effect

 what a truly wise woman!


with words, at least

mine so typo ruddled

only cos i so dont care 

as i know no one else can

i rarely bother sticking on reading glasses

so its all



for now....

and takes extra 10 secs on phone to  select  word and scroll back  up to italicise icon...just for some bloody nuance...

but one day the simple readable rucger English version...will come

thilough i would far rather bolster other voices

who NEED... 

to speak



( 20 seconds again on...her;

my ...actions speak louder and i havent even had my brekky yet)