Tuesday 18 July 2023


 As i can ONLY share with one superb human, K**** all these new words are a disaster

I mean what is life when you have to start a scrap with your own lass - a week back

" sorry this awful new cage-word 'space' is inhuman and as damaging in respect of the requirement to deal with people - thats how we move on, have closure. or find a way of getting em arrested yet unknown to modern science..., as if invented by the  other fascists who used violent means... fascism being a way of being... not good.. that causes "i am better than you so WILL have my space" kind of being.. (please note no capital B) 

anyway new words...disaster...

i am a sort of person who would only have one email address for life but the Meghans can never understand...

the 'market'... greedy oggle got lucky with data

and thus tried and tested MANY years simonclayton@post.com started to wobble as google gobbled all the maintenance money

post.com almost fell into the abyss 2020 - emails lost bouncing whatever...

and then if you believe idrive as "best ever" online storage you are nuts... i bought a terrabyte a few months ago to store vidoes for my viewer to watch.... thye "10 i have paid for ten times with the now three times i must upload a folder to store it as the idrive says it has uploaded all the files in it...but hasnt

in other words, sadly...google will probably be around and top of the pile of shit...for some decades

and ALL i care about is simple continuity....but i aint payin' em (missing a google payment - well... you are locked out forever ... their ts and cs... my my..as one 'healer' woman i tried to rescue discovered..great excuse to hide her fraud - real reason for bankruptcy... i would never tell...)

so 5 different ralphs...each get 15 PERMANENT gb...

which wasnt really the plan - far more genuine art - 

five years ago:

is this 'art'? ok art of

or really what i care about ..rural sustainability, ok rural..

or 'mendicant'.. 

nope too smart ass... a wonderful big word for a begging bowl..

moderner (best word for pro EU)..all i pondered with whilst

all pondered... was going to try out a few years ago...but havent


so funny a 'kairos'...of late.

Anyway i want to pass on this to someone who will have time to learn all about its fussinesses and whatevers..

or maybe it is the rainbow: when i find a home for it... i am at end of mine..

meanwhile i have a plot. As i like sharing photos and haven't even started. 

No not social media bullshit smiley...real ones.

They culturally changed me. The man himself famous tog... took the vietnam ones.. he said a few years ago on 4chan he did not think his photos...Don thats it MAcullen..made a jot of difference.

Well thats cynical fuckin elite twat talk... they affected me greatly

any actual fairly cultured person knows that this - humans... things are symbolic...figurative..matawhorical..

and still does now...

its a beautiful horrible symbol of mankind...

yes the poor man died but his last split second artistically helps remind us... headshots - murderous ones,  all around day in and out - they may not include real bullets... but they are us..even more so in uk now than ever...

so talk about them... you can only run TO the bullet to actually change anything...

his picture of the Vietnamese being headshot is figurative....when social services are lying and destroying peoples lives..it is a beautiful word picture metawhore ing your head for years ... to remind us what humanity is...quite often..

its the cynics that destroyed our culture and society... even Don Mccullen became one

but no one is telling the younger gen this....simply and effectively...all so smart arse 'safe' space' sad lost snowflakes falling on butterfly wings.. = they die

a rather beautiful metaphor for what actually is happening i wrote on my notepads 7 years ago.... i am the same as i was...and now freer ..even more better than ever...

 soon as i believed in my life, by knowing ..and coming to terms with ugly old smelly 


probably bad breathed


even if i plan to live forever .. so better quit those bad breath making rollies...

i would

if anyone was worth living for...

meanwhile over to .. hmm? 'art of' or 'walks on'...cos this run out of 'space'.. 

i shall wait. Maybe someone will make the dcision for me.

They are welcome to - i have no ego, despite appearances...cos i actually do live the death is here way... and every day a bonus. And need nothing. In terms of any attention. Giving it... that would be nice but everyone must so complicate everything... 

So, walk on off the cliff is the only rational Camusian thing to do..

Maybe at such a noble, lofty, defeat speech (should see my vid taken as he lost...i was gonna do a Low Bar rone way swim! ..stood there if he won..)

.. i was very impressed mister Novax D' aScerbic...

if other Serb-bites are as wise and noble maybe i shall walk there...