Tuesday 18 July 2023

simple living is...

 above all just waiting ( in the Meghan pod is lovely example of why USA is ... 40 years behind what UK was...

or also why Meg is safly so thick...and we need a better one!

cos even if i found one better than goddess Minnie...

the slutty Luton drawl so much more interesting...and better

Minnies lines...all that rushin around

we knew too in uk 40 years ago!

the sane ones.... 

taken Meg and mate 40 years to catch up...

ive been gently nudging people 7 years " everyone i meet their second sentence is i am so so busy.  "

they still hate me for it

so i listen to the Minnie and.smile

 the simple living is also waiting for the moment.   

but while waiting also being aware...

what adjustments to the living slace may work...be bodily more in synch... with the way my body behaves inside... and in motion in the day..


and when ready.  

slight reorganise

to get to an even simpler zen that ... works just a bit better....
the flow just a bit better

( 4h or 5th reorg in 18 mths...but only when in best possible zen of kairos energy)

its the journey of course, ...the process....not the objective final stopping place
that us the mefitation that helps

even if i know of only one xrstination,  thus far...sane enough to have aimed for.

And in fact proof of how important 'media' is....

maybe im a weirdo outlyer but i found that Minnie number maybe 35 years ago
and that one best ever opening few lines

all that rushing around..

changed me
when all is said and done
i listened to her

and her influence is me ..within

it matters

trying to guide
an answer

privately and if tough enough publicly, too.