Saturday 22 July 2023

herr horror ...scope

20 july pm 

video  - about Bee ...

pt 1

pt 2

especially the flow during jobs!

20 witnesses - to me not ever wanting to run any causes... only 

as follows

local young people pushed to have a look at this... i tried to start for locals - astonishingly (as told by council) they havent heard of these  his part of counry - the BEST by far solution...thousands elsewhere - Bristol hundreds...FAKE 'community' fails to find good standard solutions..far to busy being fey houseboat showoffs i guess 

just like Eden Project Tim..worst of lot... FAILING with their selfish look-at-me 'social entrepreneurship' to actually do hard work to replicate solutions work fine elsewhere - yes a theme park - full of gurus ...of nothing.


HORROR BOOKS   (book program  on thurs...some little spiv as so often is the case these days going on about crime true crime horror in books - 

thats cowardice...never mind the ultimate dumbing down in literaure....horror is in real life...type 1 men, type 2...and the way they also pollute their women (to be cont)

and super hedgehog stuff

hedgehog horror movie 





21 July

super fattie hedge

Helston river tv 

the one and only not 'private' patch...

many parts of he land it is not like this - all owned by oligarchs..

before we knew that tv pollution just 100 m up creek..


10 mins earlier a type 2 man's woman...Mrs facelift

lies in front of a young teenager " oh hhhh yes here are i am sure you can see....signs saying private property.."

proof facelifts and 100 grand spare runaround Discoveries...don make you a sane parent or anything sane - LAND rights ARE democracy

(even in Cornwall i had a lecture on today froma  wonderful historian man!)...not if you are a type 2 man oligarchs bimbo...even if shetoo will have taken over the con, too

LOADS of far better audio to weave in and photos.....soon


this morning sat 22 


no scope for anything...

(is she nuts? - the lost and lonely)

Now...all a messy mishmash... but

All i care about - twenty people even chief of a  council  know i have riffed purely to find out the truths...hen ten attempted to encourage to take a few things forward ONLY for the local 21-31 year old younger adults getting involved...

but i finished FOREVER my causes...especially discovering how utterly no hope this whole region is = happiness! good energy...know where the goalposts are = key to life

and freedom now just to walk on

(especially now teatime a load of carborne druggies - wild creatures...  descend on best easy nights car park...leave...hide...hermitude time forever)