Saturday 22 July 2023

gloves off

video 19 - 21 july 

To be organised and indexed

Jus one day - to start

20th July

(audio to add in that accompanies - audio essays in between video riffs...soon)

who are the two types of men?

temporary format as so so unpleasant to go to a library and THINK whist uploading videos to youtube due the terrible racket - always...

dump in one folder


even his takes an hour

and will sort out onto youtube another day

sad as i like to get things done - super sweet hedgehogologue clips here  - very viral

20th July Thursday

part 1 two types of men

here nasty drug crazed people keeping neighbour  - old couple roaming...keeping him up all night (1 km we are from coast here) he told me 

part 2


Hedgehog sweet film woven in with finish off ones thoughts

Just sweet hedgehog

add in links

to more sweet hedgehog also containing 

film on super simple life


up to 

this one


Type 1 men  


Dont feel guilty ANYone

expensive fuckin houseboats (or horesriding outfits my old region)


link to type 2 men

referred to above - in these expensive locations are many who are either the kind of mad men in this (extreme) version of the new nasty moneygrabber cult - many are a far lighter version but just as dodgy

a subtler mode of nicking your money - consultants they were then recreated themselves as consultants + 'sprititual' bullshit conmen...mainly men at first

 " A very british cult " on wireless 4chan weds night


bodily - no money in leaving it to fix itself

ALL that maters - even if someoeone wishes to attack me via email (still unread) - all that mattters to be at his exact moment - often