Tuesday 25 July 2023

im no coward

 ...2nd most 'romantic' words in history

ONLY ..because her of the 22 Feb ... disempowermament 

(  you will have to see  next vid for full context...no con...how their block button so took them back to childhood...grown ups find a way 

of a middle way


only cos of ...the 22 feb 'energy'

did i go all the way. .

and wander a week around Hay

with my bag

 ( many performance art pics to one day ..'share'... with the one dimensionality of they can only stand and stare [ its real bad...i am perfect hermit ..hide away all signs of vanlife but how ALL 35-55 year old wandering workers gawp.... maybe they just gawp at anyone not them now, in their neon kit...flashing in the early sun...
 toolboxes and and craft beer gut and stubble..   one gawped for 10 sex or more as he walked past me before...is it because i have notebooks out on my dash ' todolist item: what could i say to K**,* she did cheer up my   cold days on the job winter gone..?.. item ticked off fully discharged..tell a real woman she is one..the rare one one meets... 
so yes i bet it is the paper and pens... to rhem some dangerous weapon now they have their worl4d in their silly phones.... shetoo ruined by...)

"so .ye..s... wandering Hay ...at last!! i NEEDED to roll out my hand truly  upcycled bag..  five years ago i did that...didnt have the backbone energy until now....  only one passed on that energy to me..no matter what she may..assume..."

fixing day!

2 years kuggung aroubd 2 new keybiards...Lenovo actually delivers new broken ones to you ...even second time..

Dell ( free one in the glorious 2020 spring grab last bit from credit rating before the cliff....) theirs wear out in about 6 months... plus8 everything else goes nuts

and ilrwtty good at fixing any laptop prob....

but this job

takes about 2 hours of surgery


of course

on course

no matter what anyone else may think

to the boat with the steering ripped off

the most perfect allegory...

in best ever poetry

fir the whole damn


one day i shall...oh yes scent of woman nore than allegory

purest proof 

of a dwcision made.



and must stay only authentic 

poor K****'s readers in her library

fooled into biochemical and fancyname mental solutions



3 ir 4 weeks ago up here

99% of it us connected at deepest subtle THEMIX level  ( body mind irreducble)


makes you more ill

than me

and certainly dont fantasise about librarians in a way ( naughty unfauthful me)

only one woman has ever admitted to me she can do do-it-yoursekf and using her  all seeing minds eye 

it can be 99% as good as tgmhe real thing...as can


( which is i am SURE how Gabriel Garcia wrote it.... The Flozz book... for sure! i figured a few years back at peak mindful tossing time whilst sincerely  landloping on green and soc work causes.  .... they dont tell you that in absurd wanky literarure degrees... nor how Toni Erdmann..a superb film....by fine European minds..has a dad almost weirding out his lamentably lost only daughter in public. .because he loves her.  .and knows tgere was no reason for any island like behaciour....no one in tbis suck shopping aisle if course could understand either ..its not the means, its knly ever the ends... .with usual 'safefuarding' straighforward basic rules weve jnown of forever..poor librarians brainwashed into only Orwellspeak...almost always.  . )