Saturday 1 July 2023

'empowerment' defined

 live kairos, now...



all the way

I have never encountered a better example and series of events,  which demonstrate how harmed, inhuman, charmy false.... hose are whom cannot "tell me your truth" 

if one knows and cares about others' 'mental health'  - in that the mentally compromised cause life to be so boring, and of course one must tread gently with hem - i have, plenty of experience... and know for sure as anyone can - and i can debate Richard Benttall as an equal - and he is mine " we do not at all understand even serious psychosis" i do understand one thing from (not 'mentally unhealthily') treading he pathway for many years of absolute authenticity and 'necessarily (we tell ourselves when we THINK we are facing existential' pressure) minor inauthenticity...

So many ghosts. I so happily and 100% successfully put behind me 20 dull years of DOING-caring.... horrid word, caring, simply doing straightforward family-community projects because i CAN...

who knows why...

Spending last night here atop a cliff. 

And yesterday once again he 'ghosts' - hose whom joshed with - plenty, so so good-energy in fact laughing, especially the older dear...

Every word i know has always been fake. Performance. Why of course heir mental health not so brilliant.

I know as example i have to go ..all the way..

How dull.

But it is what a 'caring' daddy does, not for emotional reasons as it is simply the grown up thing to do, matured people know full well has always been required. Geouge Elliot had it in Silas...  if you wish people the best, then tell them all their truth

THAT is the actual version of the word so polluted nowadays with the sewerage from her creek, that he awful new clever dickerati throw around on every radio 4 or any other 'thinking people' talk - as if compulsory


Comes from nothing to hide.


And is also real 'mental health' ..always... forever

Time for the big truth letter