Sunday 2 July 2023

less dangerous ones first...

 because i sadly admit it is those who believe their own for-money, spin

who harm themselves..most

these rogues believe on nothing even if their PR is jazzier and states the opposite



but i am not snide, ever...

only sad

telling the aforementioned tales to a fair few

i am sncere

" that it has come to this...having to threaten that...even to them.... this land is finished forever
yes sadly only a truly harmful period of actual crisis is going to make maybe a few learn once more why one must be authentic...and what being human and community, means...and was for.... before"

" headed offshore...if one maybe sane woman will let me fix her..bottom


but a man.... does not cheat, on her credit card...  fiddle her, when i could have... gone very 'large'
except to "man-ipulate" the following month ... of running here n there ...a whole montgs- the lies and deceit from men and their garages...except one.
such that i " my battery is dying too, now...all this running around to get it fixed"
which any man would have known untrue as running around does batteries good. 
" ohh get a new one of them too.... ohh you remember the number now...great.."
only to increase outbox content... great content too, to i guess the ultimate expert ghost who knows that she must never read a tbing again... because....


what a pure piece of absurdist art. as good as any Serbian intellectual absurdist filmmaker may dream up.
.. soon

except IS also morality.

two per one vehicle, one roof, one woodburner... is the only moral way though to..

lower emissions

better bodily wellbeing from less money making stress...

real ..."change"

they can only for sad money preach..