Sunday 2 July 2023


 ( though a terribly long boring series of essays, chapters, bloody volumes them moaning about bloody periods, not a thought for the men they may as well have chopped their bloody balls off with their endless Tolle and othersuch [ 3 women in kast month confirm a very sick man] inhumanity  ... messing with 'nature' spending their days plotting new words to 'judge' men with they havent even spent an hour digging vegetable gardens with.... where they may judge actually 'them' and the majority, English ones -  and they taught their boy-sons the same  endtimes strategy i now hear-  as soon as one relates some true issue they by default they hiss " you are being judgemental" .... the 'personal' comments and assumptions about a person, and uns ientific medical slurrs most use " well youre a bit asbergers.." before theyve even spent 10 minutes having real keast over a quiet cuppa. . because every 'green' movement i have encountered is entirely dominated by these ... to me they arent even 'women' just parrots....

and Monty Python knew what use parrots should be put to.. ( as ultra lacifist myself jts about the cage, only)..

they have entirely destroyed...fact 

all 'green' solidarity fellowship and ever fuckin DOing anything...real...sustained over time

but as a man, i cannot make that movie

only wink at the goddesses who alowed Rachel Kushner in her beautifully poetical novel Mars Room.... printed out within, verbatim ..many passages from the evil murderer Unabomb man...[ " nohh..... surely not.... i mean why is it italicised.....its rather beautiful...but i think theres a sting...surely not, nohhh she cant be using in her gorveous poem of a book...devoid of pity so i am learning so so much   .... his ..words..!?"]

. no man would gave gotten away with that!!!)

meanwhile, at amazing natural beauty spot. obvious too spot

bloke and " bird" pull up. posh car. expensiveish  clothing. posh makeup and hair. 25ish  

totally equal 

him and her their noses stuck right up the big bong guzzling equal amounts of strong drugs..  pretty long session mustv been relay quite headfucked....

the smoke billowing from their cracked window...

before she.. drives off...big happy smile.... at the wheel in fact

she.... in CONTROL....

both leaving behind EQUAL amounts if nasty drug detrius ...

even here

pure equals.

and i dont call it very 'feminine' being so fucked in the may kill on the road the only half decent woman with a real mind of her own,  i thought i may have met.... ever

probably on the way to some night of wank at a trendy 'smart people'  workshop for sad people who wont ever DO..or BEE.( or is it ' ea'?) .. anything...real