Monday 24 July 2023

nope take a break

 ...real definition of authenticyty to do

a few audios from the last 10 days to make ANY sense

plus upload to youtube 21st July (already in folder) ...then find the audio of Mrs Tom-Paul, Katrina...  her of the not terribly successful facelift

owns half the Helford river but the little 'community' lot of course never mention that

my my her tone as she lies in front of a child - quite old enough to understand, not old enough to understand 'why is my bitch gran / [or adoptee..or whatever] lying..?' " i can quite assure you there are signs up there saying private no entry.." 

probably because her terrified-she-may-see-herself-in-the-mirror  disorder means she cannot ever go anywhere further than her own front gate,... in his 100 grand runaround... and notice, not a word, to that effect...

Mind you a FINE home educator yesterday in the large walled garden... a rare person it seems in front of her young kids " dad was done by Lord Falmouth...pinchin is fruits...cunt owns half the county still...we forage his grounds..."

" my my a truth talking hero at your munm is a hero and your dad a true Robin Hood at last.... "

And she...mum so wanted to talk,too...i could feel the energy...why we sat and had a very long one...her fabulous funny 5 year old straight out of fabulous Captain Fantastic...getting more and more excited. bouncing up and down with glee trying to get a word in too......" hey these two old things are really riffin...this sound fun..i thought we had to keep our mouths SHUT about our ..real life.. go for it... revalute.. on..[sorry love not a hope in hell.. see earlier .. the people are the problem...not the power..power is surprisingly easty to piss off in a meaningful way with only a dozen or so solidaritious footstompers...with poise and grace...i know i conned them into thinking i had that worked...4 months Minister of Justice squirms in public...  he didnt just DO that for fun..."