Monday 24 July 2023

one day i will get it

that exact moment...when it goes from 99 to 100....

this is only

i hope you understand...about all their 'performance' they lied, was not too

(Womans hour letter next i think.... something like "so why did NONE ever even offer a cuppa to figure how they could help....i helped many of them with kids.... 15 years... and laterly several dozen known well.... and we as a society have known hundreds of years THE most imporant fundamental mind body BOdily THEmix for a young woman is her hormones, whole body...whole different if she has been around dad...a lot and we all know hose ones are the secure ones...who maybe dont even NEED to lie.... and maybe could help others in society for honest reasons....why dear Babes hour i wonder could you help me ...did no one EVER EVER offer..?. except one who half did then forgot...i really am curious.... as i think surely history should betoo if we have any hat isnt anally gangraped by an extreme minority who go in for that stuff...3% officially... "