Monday 3 July 2023

So, should i have a 'reader' ...
Writing week

Sort of

Now, i am only interested in two "birds"

The first used that word - and intelligently i queried her use of it - only wishing to augment.
Because NOT telling people what to think via writing or art. Is the art of gods.

And no English writer or broadcaster can Be that any more.

And maybe the older bird.

Who I in England home of inner all seeing mindseye fascism you cannot 'tell' anyone anything, so I learned a few years ago (The "bird" woman shared with me the saddest thing I have ever heard " i left my place of birth before i was as proficient in my native language as one becomes only mid 40s ...warrioring around with that language, and yours is so fucked up - nuance, some words depend on the CLASS of the person using it and the referee..." and tghus she will always be the only person to warmly have empathy for, ever as she tried to explain herself PROPPER...with propper words - even if i added a few there)

i learned - yes even us (I am not !) "English" must learn new languages i learned to say "share" cos of the mermaids (i met another yesterday - two in fact, with their 'you cannot generalise..' - i do it for fun, i make accurate generalisations like 'ALL PEOPLE WHO USE CANNABIS LONGTERM....i discovered are really quite narcissistic.."  But that one says 'well only my son is like that as a THC addict..' except she omits the last four words..

And of course had i said " guess what you narcissist wizened old junky - language has always been political - Wittgenstein a lovely hermitude type figured that great woman carried on his work... [we shall come back to that]... but lets keep it simple, 110ish years ago lokes would have said in Parliament ' generally speaking if we give wizened old junkies the VOTE, they arent all going to vote for the Monster ravin Lunatics party... blessem..' 
A generalisation which quite rightly changed ...changed...society ...politics... which is only a cultural construct...and a splendid Black Swan event too...'..."

So yes i say 'share'... 
I adapted my language.

But i shouldn't really..
Except with the reader

With whom, one at least could SAY... " there were good novels 40 or 50 years ago that told the real stories of how ALL tourism always corrupts and makes sour ALL societies...everywhere, always..."

Which is true. It is not a 'generalisation'. Great writers - more women than men in fact, would tell people this particular real fact,  by great real stories in novels i read written 50 or in fact longer ago.

And they are right.
But of course the mermaid generation must rewrite history, because they are such bimbos they dont actually read...BOOKS
And think they can sit and smile loveydovey perfect mermaid smiles at me (again last sundown.. and that one i recited my poem to - 'causes' the creek - gues what thats why most unusually i forgot i had even spoken with her at length..[ i think we could say officially the most beautiful new age mermaid princess down at her creek.]...because she is just the same as all the other fake 'beautiful' people and has NOTHING to actually say.. except parrot talk... to make her look even more fuckable than she goes to bed every night knowing she is...i know such women one would not want to ever go to bed with unless one is on drugs to anaesthetise oneself against the dullness of their...'needs'... and special inside knowledge of how to... not ever let go, for real...ever...) 

(only women that scowl the scowl of how dare you ... are in any way attractive or..desirable... the fake mermaid, smiley brigade blessem... were never taught, through great books...and great culture)

Here is not an 'opinion', nor a generalisation, it is a ferkin fact.

Because of the mermaids (80% female - sadly - i only wished ever to respect and value all women as i have only one lovely woman as my offspurt)

A decade ago i began landloping a new region..a decade ago last saturday.

A weird secret paradise kingdom.


I was raised by Ralph the REAL MAN...not my awful father who one of course must 'love' because we do
(as i told the reader: " I would sum them up as taking religiously of a Sunday the Times Torygraph and Observer... but i don't think they ever read that third one on the list")

i was brought up roaming real humble largeish but not noisy hills. And herding sheep on foot. In fact would have been in the last group of people doing the REAl 'muster' - by foot, before quads or motorcycles were used - sometimes on nagback... but most farms too poor to waste cash on nags..

when...guess what... because we had grazing rights to a many sq km (i use EU measures as i only value a non English reader... who will chuck it in the river, her choice..)

about 100 i guess - along with 5 or 6 other small farms adjoining the hilltop 'commons' - even if there was a feud to the death... only scowls in the lanes, one neighbour to another, one jealous or hateful angry fuming (assumption) ... towards another...

 come the muster... we HAD TO ..join up and walk the hills as a team or there is no way we could cover so much land...
And be human, find a way of making friends... maybe..or at least faking it, for a greater purpose.

Anyway this is not a generalisation - it may be the fairies run ahead of ONLY me to make me sad.

This is when your society died - about 8 ish years ago.. wandering fringe rural places, prior to a decade ago almost never - in fact NEVER...would one find gates left open. Never. 

I never saw it, ever.

But then....  ..maybe 8 years ago i started to see quite often gates left open....

Then by a year ago - as i became marooned due breakdown on Offas Dyke path and lovely new utterly fantastic hills to roam...

This little gate close to a tourist ' come live on our lovely little farm and be part of it and nature' 

fuckin mental cases cannot even manage to close a gate...and lots of locals too.

Over the last winter maybe 500 times i walked up through this small gate (at Knighton) ... at least 20% of the time  - and BEFORE the tourists a quiet place no stress, . no reason to be flustered.. this gate was seen left open (there are sheep above it) ...about 20% of the time.
And as for the Loonybin...  


I do not belong to this land any more i knew some years ago. Everyone assumes metoo on their horrid drugs. They now seem to think that it is normal. And that only drugs make you 'creative'. Or even 'aware' well every pot junky i have ever met is a self obsessed talentless moaner..


post under construction from dawn, if you do not do any drugs ever guess what you wake up every day head buzzing with amazing new creative thought, despite them

But i am not a fool. 'loneliness' is knowing i am the wieirdo who grew out of drugs age 24 - in fact i even 'experimented' about 4 years ago - a bag of mild grass - only time in 35+ years " i have almost total zen, lets try it...does it in any way enhance creative thought or awareness? "

3 or 4 days later:  "even ordinary thought slowed down,  not one new thought, except thinking all the time of wanking ... to the porn they are ALL addicted to, too...[ interesting how many younger women have shared this with me the last few weeks on my wandering sharings].." 

And one fat man cannot read.
That is because he does not read.
But also is in fact a 'bully' - a banned word, but a fair definition is not being thin enough to know that townies - even truly fabulous ones, do NOT understand the extremely fragile 'relationships' in rural fringes and in fact every word MATTERS.

people REALLY REALLY are very touchy in rural areas as he blusters his way around  - just a fat tourist -  - and thinks of no one but his fuckin fat show off self - which is great in towns, but of course he has no idea how others may NEED to far far more fragile communities.

And no he is NOT understood by most people he encounters and does harm. Real harm...because unlike me who has done cities too long ago, and very occasionally only in 28 years...

They haven't.

In other words is only a narcissistic USER.
But also cannot read.
I do not read 'comments' ever nowadays because of stupid cunts like him who cannot read. Noy that i would ever read any word from him - no one is interested in towny old men. If one wishes to enhance and protect the environment ONLY women  are key to this - women - have the real 'soft power' in even fringe communities now because of a decade of fake moaning in public. FACT women must be 66% of all organisations. especially environmental as farmers became fat porn addicts half of them and quite aggressive, so women as part of a small group visiting farms to make friends with them - the essential.They are far less likely to threaten a punch or worse if a few people befriending the local polluter includes at least half women..

without dreadlocks tattoos or tom those are narcissistic things that are deliberately designed to piss everyone off..
the uniform of the children of the first full on wave of drug addict narcissists.. mid 80s..
(for this and other reasons i am not 'English' and never will be)

that basically did become britain.

And anyone staying here thinking their old age 'care' will be safe..(being i spent an hour yet again yesterday with a  60 something self confessed quite serious drug user who works as a ...carer...of old folk..' all my old people LOVE me as they know i am for real'..... officially...) mad. Officially fruitbat.

And like all lost townies he doesnt know what caring means.

so wouldnty understand doing WORK to try and work with the people required
Not that i would ever read any word from him, but
And of course did UTTERLY NOTHING in this society ever to grow up and do anything.
Except use his 'colour' as excuse for self pity.

And furthermore 
Never came up with one original useful statement to maybe help his own children negotiate the decadent lost world he far more than i..created.

Even if he is the only person who has also made me laugh not just at his wit but the wit within me he alone caused to be to battle his fat nasty  imposter syndrome gaslighting ways... and i won.

But its his self regard....wit like that SHOULD be shared with the world...too ferkin lazy 

he is forgotten.... many like him lead to the fact that almost every even nowadays 50 something especially awful regions like this think it is compulsory to be smoking lots of 'herb'

this land is not mine

And i knew that six months ago...



To be continued... ferkin magic keeps happening...

Its simply impossible... that day after day gems keep being thrown at me by the witches circling on their broomsticks...i DO NOT GET IT
And i get everything else, especially her scowls...