Monday 3 July 2023

the simple life...certainly

 ...includes no crockery

far too complicated keeping it from breaking...

until one knows one is in the right place

to be still

a long long time

if thats what it takes

never mind 9am Monday a  free week's worth of bread 

every monday morning it seems...

meanwhile, what a truly interesting  fable
or parable? 

i have a superb memory and have riffed with far far more folk than i had imagined i may, or wish to.

Most days six or seven
yesterday just after ultramemaid and i are chatting, chap, big tough music man actually offered to buy me a pint after i riffed ijth him 15 mins,about how truly good his songs were
so its a mix
except i understand, so many crazed junky blokes around if i were a woman i would default to scowling

i know mist men on the street are not very safe
now in uk

to the hulky singer "bless, nope i dont drink except weddings funerals and havent been either for many years . decade and half in fact..but your gesture is fine and sincere thank you.made my day"

so yes, by far the most delectable of all flirty nermaids i actually forgot we had had a fairly long chat just 10 days ago...  me and her aside shitcreek...

" i keep seeing you... smileything... and you always smule ...we should say hello" 

am i cured?  the inauthentic or " you can't generalise...we are all so so different" 

are being stripped from my memory circuits ?
or us it the ones who sit looking at you so extreme fluttery eyelash theirr lerfect yoga mat poking our teiir perfect natural store bag....

tanned, so absurdly juucy and ..
looking like they were  stage fron at whatever awful lerfect musac they play at Glastonbury these days

seriously, if "Insta" had a proprietirey filter that made all middle class  ( though  they pretend 'street' )  3 something8s look like her 
tho she 42 

they would be richer than Musk

but  atckast she has


pretending to caee for shit creek

the ultimate filter i never knew i needed

filter her out
as if she never was