Friday 21 July 2023


 the best version with things ...woven in

it is the weaving in of ALL the 'narrative' - weaving themes - many woven yestermorn, in material .. that is the thing... i have yet to be able to have the signal. power and quiet place, all in one

to do.

But it's all in the backed up store..ready.

* and i have only ever allowed one to be done..on me or is it 'to' me....  i shall not allow it to be falsely used against me - the real me... that's been me for years

of having all in PERFECT balance...always

unless one has to wobble to get what you know is worth not being yourself to try and ... merge into  as he best there can..Be 

oh well at least i know the blueprint. And now have the guts to stick to it no matter what....

and there is even a second almost same version ! (tattooed though - yuck...why fiddle with he body so endlessly! never mind the cost and taking away so from the natural beauty ) but not immo person, not stuck...(Naipaul  - Bend in The river so brilliantly described how any immo is always coy and having to 'fit in' - stay perched atop the fence!  not sure which side to be on- that hurts yer fanny if there too long! despite their fine original persona..)  she speaks far more clearly of all the same things..openly. And in front of the children....