Friday 21 July 2023

the noise...

 mister performing his hydration...sat next to me, now

so noisy - HIS stupid expensive bike up a hill... so must 'hydrate' so noisily on a bench i had MY coffee cup and paperwork laid out on - it is the neurotic 'togetherness' of  the sick nothing-to-think for themselves bum class so often you see now since their mass hysteria year.... 

a 'wow we survived so lets herd together with fellow 'us' s...'

and if we have a helmet on and hydration... and all act as if the health and safety works...

 but cannot even listen or THINK for themselves " no i am NOT on holiday... and clearly wish to be left alone to think.."

nope fuck off and make innane youtube comments.

however...just here yesterday i met Maximmo!!

but there is so much more to add in. Many a great aphorism, observation and recorded observation and recorded proof and ...liminal the real version, life - living at the edge where in fact everything hides. 


the list (i rit at first light)

NO sunglasses

no make up

no hairdye

no fat (now a mum in front of her lasses can state "we are very fattist in my kitchen")

no .... several other things, to be continued signal.

here now

Not enough at any rate to catch up..yet

but a land where he teachers failed to teach the kids..

"no cast iron backup routine, offline... twice, and sooner or later  something will happen such as you lose your great recordings, snaps and witterings.."

is a land 'education' and certainly

no parenting

but i have the habits...back up first before...going back into all the best stuff.