Sunday 30 July 2023

the what NOT



" my body is fine thank you very much despite your juju...cant make any cash from me"

first of a series in a ten year study..(in fact 13 if truth be told) but then as 'toilet humour' doesnt sell or attract the right minds we better drop that for now...

far more interesting artistic series to come one day...

poignantly what NOT seen...

compare and contrast (imagine) just a few weeks ago, a large low roofed 'barge' parked next to the military industrial complex.. 

NOT seen any more

back to ...briefly... thursday gone...

Only good art and words i have yet to see in Foulmouth (the rudeness i have never known anything like it an i am NEUTRAL)

what not

what NOT... the movie, maybe one day
of how the immos are tortured... by being kept in gawdily bright orange stripey painted 

'barges' sounds such a gentle sweet word for 

what was 
here he last six weeks

what not seen
(not really in the not series - to be improved one day i have dozens over 13 years)

al the 'extras' - he 500 quid fins...or even specialler tripple fins...
hat are necessary the (i had no idea) two thousand quid planks...

number one bearded plank of course when not sipping his trebble latte mochwhatnot
And displaying he absolutely perfect lifestyle supplement pictures of perfect pretty mini polly and her sister in the window... (later maybe)

 wouldn ever ponder he question i wonder how my ultra hip lovely customers can afford to walk out three or four grand worse off...
ohh yes maybe they got on the bandwagon...painting government 'barges' at 5  grand a week ...
he cannot connect

All nothing to do with me but i know is 'true' history

All i know is that when  thirty  ish years ago 
In London
with Katrina or in Katrina land...
a coffee sopped being " nice and strong and black please"

i was obviously not going to end well...

but when you couldn't write on Guardian find-a-tart 

real woman,  wanted to"watch my back"
no cake addicts
or fat
( all bodies interesting enough without them thabk you very much) 
(( especially if you have an XR logo on your Fakebook as setting a good no chemicals example to Indians and tge rest ruining their rivers too is... grown up) 
make up
(...never mind the awful chemical smell for tnose of us actually do get used to real fresh air....real women grew out of 40 years ago - i knew many - indeed the great majority! and anyway the aromatics of unwashed armpit even days left to just nature is an enjoyable one anyone can vet hsed to in fact far preferable to chemical de " odour' ants ...marching tbrough tbe nostrils causing actual stinginess )

never mind the above being actually " GREEN" all datesite lookalikes pr themselves as

or body neurotics, a nettle sting can be mindfully...grown out of
and must drink real  black coffee, like grown ups have done forever, no fuckin showoffcomplications..

because that is what one has required to share smallholding/ veg patch duties
day in and out year in and out
which is also mindfulness


and if you want to live much longer than the forever young you dream of ... then at least 20 km a week walking.... week on and out... ideally 30
eslecially times when 'ILL'

rather than just put it on Fakebook in photos.... 


of course ones free speech would only be decried...