Sunday 30 July 2023

i still havent...

 read those emails..

as i am into only NOW

and a bit of poignant art.... just for fun.

oops accidental select cant remove from phone screen

i saw here there though...just up the creek....
When Polly-Katrina lied about private keep out signage.....
in front of her poor 13 year old....( grandaughter we dont speak of out loud)

Looking just like the first Polly in fact ....( soon to get to.... her false environmental saviourism..)... they all look the same....
that just out of the lifrstyle magazine pages ... look
that doesnt cost anything its so 'natural'
but will "cost you more than money" to pinch from the bard

even if it alao costs real money for the better  barbers.. 

thats not poignant art

its just PR....

ohhh i know what i was looking for.... over to laptop where ive had to move stuff now that full too...



what we do NOT so often ten times more emotionally...real ..and painful

and poignant