Friday 28 July 2023

The world went...silent

 he said naked atop Herrok Hill... and the 'chemtrails' of their orrid noisy  shitpipe



no more " cleared to brecon VOR then youessay all the way to 

hades on  have-a-good-day.."

At last... what could never be

they shut the fuck up....

And there is just me and tyhe policeman he can waddle as far as the bench

overlooking the top

a km yonder

" well i aint folloin any stay in at home rules either"

hoot fuck cares me and you alone up here the hill....

thankfully once only

Many times only

As the bracken grew that spring like never known before

An extraordinary six weeks of february into march rainfall never before known of

had watered it all into that summer reaching higher than ive ever known..

tramp down a clearing

get it all off

prying binoculars cannot pry nor lost walkers find you in their apps and 

disturb your horizon with theior meettoo i need to be seen

I MUST be seen...

neon walking attire

Up in the summer breeze

caveman in clearing

no more noise

no more them


(i never use others words, except once every six months at most ) 

" righty ho,  time to set forth ones wanderings...kairos time"

But then... addicted to a bit of wandering....

They reached a zenith of bridgeful adaptive wanderations so unimaginably 


and holiday and

new orbit between both liminal understates 

That prior was impossible to conceive, as it was impossible

Until it just


And yet poor birds,  today

prayer for today

 they still.... must only give the self-pity version...from inside their zoom ladelled thick pea souper of a  dead past life.. they seem to want to remember as only dead.

The question to get 'in'to... that little problem place

The world isn't ready yet for the fairy tale of the fable of the perfect allegorical word picture of how to live

( why did i let that url expire...i know  - thats the 'story'...)

and do i have to FIDDLE with this to get it fixed or just to bloody work now ?

or does this work..?

....but that's just an impossible start to three years of so much movement and moving and with own legpower endlessly roaming riding bicycling (old rusty sit up beg) and)


But back to yesterdawn first... then 13 July... still havent finished that 'theme'  - woven threads together....