Monday 10 July 2023

you just gotta know...

 ...the 'system'..

but never...ever...


let the christian bigots dishin out the unwanted grub...

ever ever ever hieve a second from you sucking up to their self pitying

nope...not one ever did a thing



not even said "hey ... all this time you put into suggesting ways mine i could maybe get back... after i sent her away her too wise o be around my self pitying death cult... who never home the homeless either.....
or that night ten years ago you are stranded in town with girlfriend due  snow stopping busses...
wouldnt even think
find a rug to give you sleeping on their floor
a mound of rugs next door

nice those Central European preachers get LOADS of cash for heir 'seventh day' adventists.... heir fancy church halls too
but no mind to offer the stranded traveller even a hot chocolate
never mind

my research is real, and goes ALL he way

My chronicles
Better than The Don
Or Sam

one day
I only wish to BOLSER one who should write
all her

strapping em next to the loudest speakers ever extant

and turning it up to ... 666 ...would be too kind to them