Tuesday 15 August 2023

 part 2 of tbe Alexandralogue

en grenoille ( my fave frog word, for frog)

you will have to deepl back to anglais..

she used to message " ahh i have no time to read your scummy  english. i am not that good so i must think as i read .. "2 years back.

so i deepled at first...

but curiously now she does have time...so wtf is in her mind!!!??.. and i cant be bothered deepling nowadays...for a year  in fact.....since letting go ....all the way with err...i  never get any complaints.

but only go deepl  and transition into Gren..as a true act of..


as i am sure she did work out

so... what!!!???..whats in errmind???

but  i do tell all the stories that matter...to all and sundry... that of the Serb....maybe only one that does

i no tart...i know what authentic means

and 'respect'