Monday 14 August 2023

 uhhh AI

i pop back simply to add.

i think if and when i do and should-  Alexandra knowing all is a big bowl of cherries and colour and creed are made up and the  mature struggle to decide who to be... and be with especially,  are even more important than her beloved kids... or at least as.

share some here... or even in a book

And the her / and i..dialogues are ten times more Ed Reardon than Ed Reardon...and MUCH witter....on edge of seat living wit.

for grown ups without ex public school hangups, as the Reardons dull! 

and it...AI...

 says the last post - about as pro everyone as is possible... even stating i would have trusted my brown love rival to do a bridge ... put dangerous weapons in my gob... as bridge between people as has ever been written

.....has been put behind a 'warning extreme content' label

you will only find it extreme if you are extremely problematical and... thats your problem,i dont have any....

except all single people die earlier... and are less smoothed fabulous QA clearly is:..... never overeacts to anything ever.....fact. And knows there are issues maybe we are better for airing.... fully... even if with  excelent sardonique adsurdist  quips thrown in...the ex public school boy would never they have a woman problem...

terrified of them poor lambs...

but people do not CHANGE respect of those kinds of deep childhood ... rumpuses... anyone thinks they do is a fool

al and i... could be big seller.... 

she would smile... any woman who knows she is loved for her value sytem... and actions too..

would also have a REAL smile... so tough faking everything always...charm is early death.