Monday 14 August 2023

called "I hope i make her laugh"

 actually what a great book title hahh hahh beat you cheeky AI...a useful silver lining

and as alone in respect of Alexandra Queen of something

i do NOT know what to think

As all books should have as their i once saw in a  litle Tightrope

it is the right hing to collate and publish


meanwhile tweak a few words - simply change ehh... what may 'rigger' the AI??? god only knows... literally 3 words in this changed a bit ?

maybe its offensive to American AI to state  as it does i would only marry a woman who likes the zen of a bit of handwashing or even a January day at it ..

maybe it will save me effort of photoing it... i will aS I AINT HAVIN tHIS AND ANYWAY I MUST GEt tO hand writen STORIES SOON... 

accidental cap lock

try repost it here and see what happens