Tuesday 15 August 2023

 what an EU day...

we even have the .... i forget name now for a jezic ( too tired to get accents out)  in Swedish... ingelcot.. 

( critiquing Knaussgard with 3 swedish beauties at the lake)

of course there is a question i share with all on the road trip unimaginably fun... jezicologue sharings

of course, why not put it back in wild? well heres what a british energy light transcendental medative 'worker'  cunt ..worked as  chief nice smiley goody gokdy at hay festival and his mates juucy Lucy ...and all aforementioned  beautiful yoga bematted Gwerk types ...did to a beautiful animal,pet for a child....at we-are-lotus-eaters central... 

and they are archetype.

purpose book 2 chapter 11 short. 'energy' / shaman / spiritual gurus from non UK countries beware, uk ones can Be cruel animal killers


 acres of film goes with this

just a taster, i dont normally photo peeps kids, or let  English ones touch it any longer....why bother no idea whst yummum is thinking she probably doesnt either.. , but her yummy mum and sister, has a farm at lizzud so we discovered she is actually human...

" god hes at it too now...all the nervy townies come and live by Hay now.... and are ordedered by their publisher to write 'nature' zen books ... fuckin parasites know not one thing about the environment and nature... or nettles...or wasps....or woodrot... and how to really look after animals...  item 1 never have any unless one is  married for good....permanent... come rain or snow or a new spuritual dimension one of the couple  must run away to seek having overdosed on tbe drug of.... Paulo Coehlo [ the true evil Piper who caused all this! ] ...as backup cos sure as ferrits die long slow deaths if Bob is around....

when something goes wrong..in a previously 'perfect marriage' in a new twee cottage around Hay..or Kington...the dog is left alone at home all day ...suffering [ so oft seen..heard. ] 

fuckin on the bandwagon neurotic sugary late drink,  addicted towny Knaus and nature...what a laugh! .  bet his PR dominatrice is based in Hay....offices London too closer to Harveys knickers.."

" just like fake nature writers come live in The Marches so full of themselves forget to teach their kids how to stay alive in it... wasp or bee dont scream for instagram...keep your gob SHUT..... sting to tongue is only way they can and do ..kill....incredible no larents even k ow that bringinging up a child basic  fundamental essential any more...i hope Karl gets one up his nose"

at least 5 or 6 manipulative jezicologue sessions today...