Saturday 26 August 2023

 ooh and every incomer rural woman of The Marches will spit " how dare you.....i go and volunteer copse at Alitheas [ copsing is anti wildlife, wildlife needs it fuckin left alone to.. ROT.... Alitheas ultra fancy homes and gardens bijou place in the hills with supermodel hunk hubby and pick ups to fit...the image..and loadsa cake...from Waitrose of course]..and we talk abkut...processing...our traumas "

is the problem...  processing tons of reusable  building materials for even  extention pixie hut roof materials takes days and days of 14 hr day backbreaking work for days and days .. often one is weak as theres no one to even share making a lorry load of healthy grub to shovel in between backbreaking shovels of something needs shovelin... 

(where is Blott  when we need him...ohh they did him for offence too no doubt)