Saturday 26 August 2023

title of last should be


but i guess those too words far too big for the rural incomer who can never actually read a good book...or indeed any  'feminine'  who aggresses you for more than 2 lines of messenger  cos she is so busy researching if she can make oodles of gold out of the made up 'feminine' bullshit  that seems the latest expensive divine vudu feminise shame 'n  bum bum shaman i cant get punjokes into the word i guess thats why they like one can laugh at them.... ] weekend away shaggin when the candles go out trend at 250 quid a sess....we did that for free in the old days!

And we moaned a lot about things that are REAL big corporations destroying the environment

shameonwomans hour

ohh give up i never met a WARRIOR woman who ever had theballs to speak out about what is shameful...

funny...if she did she would make all the gold in the world as men arent stupid...

just had their balls chopped off so they dont say the things they all think...

and men dont enjoy being around the 1% who become almost a totem  - anathema.. the ones who proves the rest could be bin lorry babes or far more important just pullin their weight fixin stuff... no one likes to be with an extreme 'minority'.... its not nice being one nor being with one really.... unless society has an ongoing intelligent conversation about  the majority are... the problem.

ANyway my schism "i give up being rural worker happily 1/3 of the time... no one values it, no one UNDERSTANDS its the remedy to all sickness and human cant and vanity never mind almost any mental 'problem''...and i dislike living with anyone in perpetual perennial inequality..its horrid when one knows it is entirely made up in the socially constructed irrational heads..... fostered and perpetuated  by ill looking little sick thick townie women on the BBC." as of last November ... before starting a new life... that failed too.