Tuesday 15 August 2023

 ooh and last post rerit too...

the Hay or rather Horrorfordshire East Powys segments

also have a kind of 'love' in them too.

Not bonky love 

just at last !!!

2 years ago i wandered hills with one  wonderfully open woman trusted me to tell her truths... no hangups

oaraduse regained

she a civilian no conceivable ref to her 

anyway first 2 years of ariving to buy lands with inherited SE loot so locals further edged out

all such get a free pas

takes 2 years to even begin to breathe and notice the acedia all around

but me...its the RESPONSIBILITY of someone unfortunately long settled in such a theme park

to share: 

rip off  dungaree wearing smiley incomers running your nurseries... so many facebook likes!

doing the music lessons for kids ( sic, mine too)

many are so mentally ill behind their Hay smiles they dont know

simpkest ever parenting!!

 dont get a 10 year old to answer the phone.. almost always!! having already admitted many using that phone to phone and abuse and harass " wheres my grand you took up front you thief  with your con healer and spirituality 200 grand ticketsales Hay  megga blissy  love in"

you want your kids knowing that poor kid...or workshop running mum...

i know what simple real lical advice is..a decwnt person shares

but no they cannot LISTEN....



i did my best