Tuesday 15 August 2023

 last one updated

fuck the pixies are with me this morn ( as i have true love or at least know it...what it is)

a quick edit check for typos of last published post..

dribble in...

asburgers in err ead...

( when at later date i fully write the context stories as per audio this morn first draft..all 'enlightened' babes evilly assume they know someones medical history..as ultomately hateful slur...as they are weak... kirsten first to do so 15 years ago!!..

tragically even an infected...by them..non brit defaults to " narcissist" ...)

thats fuckin Voltaire+ 

monty Python updated... 

2% of battery left and it just .. i dintt think as i typed that..as i have no time

 of batteration 

only autoplot ( no typo all this 15 years percolatin)

 its piss pants genius

only  there

 as i have no allies ever and only hate!!

and spitting at me with her gorgeous black eyes

 from everyone i was friends or spoke with..for years

 thank u cruel world...

i been looking for that joke line for 15 years! 

and as eberyone else knew too over the years Shakkers a damaging crook...

she atvkeast wont try for a false arrest to speak a tad of truth..only as case study

theyre everywhere these deathly women

not at all as common in EU...

i know tgatvfir a fact also