Friday 18 August 2023


 the hard word. because it is true...

Quite a 'thing'...and hard to change...

i change back...

time for all he other schemes to close... cut off all time wasters. Even Mrs 'Narrator' - she had a sacking note today.

A society utterly stuck. Be free of it all.

Now... 'class'. I spy an almost new class.  I met my third one today. And what a day.  and hour we spoke like conspirators over the wifi in the evil place)

She told her story: 

i can only hint as there are lines and she will be known... with 

looks like Ms Knightly

the student of fashion design.

" My  Foulmouth uni...

A few years ago they went all 'body positive'...

but this years catwalk...i noticed and despaired

 the short list for who is going down the end of year tramway...

a selection of types heathy, fresh air faces...  average build...

put forward into short list

but 'CHANGE' 

dont be thick

almost every single one selected: waif junky psycho look.


this fashion' industry ...even utra woke, here...

As dishonest as the suggestion that all British nurses can only ever

do no harm... "

"love... this is what you do: Norway... easiest way out, and back in to the post Enlightenment

find a bloke there....onto the boat.. ' welcome madam, papers, and you have a Norwegian boyfriend, please fill in this questions we dont need to see your bank we value ..relationships...good luck, i hope it works'..."

BUt there is this extraordinary class - the youth of the incomer .. born and bred to THEM... not of here no way (" my mum did the London thing...but wised up")... i have met so many extraordinary youth...must be something about the sea and cliff walks... i doubt, no i dont doubt, not the schooling... quite unique. And because every single one has the genuine understanding  - as soon as they possibly can ...get the fuck out of this mad aisle....for good. 

Only the arrogant will be left one simplest sentence.