Saturday 19 August 2023

'Digital Not mad' Jez the Ježić starring in the hedgehogologue tho i prefer Ježićologue


(NOTE TO SELF...time to research at last - Croatia !!!!!.. if one can show couple of grand incoming per month... they seem to have easiest 'digital nomad' EU visa scheme ??? hmmm....into residence permit |??.. but i cannot speak a word, errata know one..i did have the full dictionary Serbo Croat  - in my library store...still have it bought 90ish..used lots 91 and 2 ish... to mentor V the lovely halfie ....) 

Now having heard so many youngers speak sincerely " off we trot" (to any other country but his) , even if i know my age which sadly almost all of my more thoughtful age group don't... meaning they all started to think they would just perform being young forever... rather than genuinely enjoy the bright eyed straight backbonery of being ones age and not moaning...

Of course the whole 'project' of How To Live got buggered about with (so so much started about 15 years ago) with idiotic rhetoric like "follow your dreams"... life aint like that. Hope the most evil concept/word... dreams close second.

Practical reality ... plus letting go into believing anything can happen...

is life.

Ideally without big words as Brits seem to hate anything of more than about five letters..

(my god the one who came to my window yestereve...)

NOPE NO GOOD CANNOT USE THIS the same time as uploading into storage the big 8gb muvva 


quick quick quick

Sheldrake (only big words allowed this site unless i am in a dreamy mood)

the "mechanistic materialist" version of the universe and physics..  e.g. stuff  - great question "what if the sun was in some way partially 'conscious'.. " (without any dreamy space cadets claiming they intuit what on earth that may mean... for cash.. or clicks...

to be cont

meanwhile hedge day..

well hedge day was Tuesday

what a day!

a whole afternoon in paradise with a range of new friends..

walking the pathway

many more to come... they like hedge...i like my

Ježićologue ...