Friday 11 August 2023

assuming...makes an ass out of you

 not me

but it is dull.

I have a very sweet video bodily explaining this, issue... but  its too angsty going to libraries to upload a last 3 gb

here is an audio of the only main reason its time to be ASIDE... for me.... 

the  new trait in so many, many times observed..that causes me to no longer be much of a part of the majority.

i couldnt care less about sky fairies even if they ruined environnmental politics... the Eckhartisming of all sad and hurts good minds..

this is the ONLY thing that gets to mine ...a bit ...

all assume otherwise

except ... 'exasperation' the great brown 'hope' for a new brave poetical genre  who has lots of talent...wastes his time just stalking me rather than create his own content...cos he's better than even Alexei Sayle..

i only write for someone spent time with him Alexie in step with him...i hoped she would understand...self deorecating genius humour is..bodily.

as is this.. the ultimate on two bodies...all gone wrong.

purpose book 2 chapter dogs ( cant remember what number i am on)