Wednesday 9 August 2023

chapter 4

 ...last broadcast episode

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full explanation of why only couples can even speak out safely in a cofee shop about eco baddies never mind  facts of why Uk should be in the Hague

( i share some)


in chapter

 Guerin news report childrens fingers blown off....  8amish

the brokers of those bombs...often Brits

As i explain...

sometimes i flew their planes

( inadvertantly)

Di was a fake... lady Di that is as you have to keep at it for decades

you supress yourself, too... you die younger and wrinklier that way... 

your choice

( morning post still requires pictures and other add ins...later... i am tired as i just met the future :-)...  the good version, if there are a load of them breeding somehow and... taking it back, sanity)